Cement Marketing

   The process of cement marketing

Processing the state companies by using monthly schedule issued by the company includes the share of each ministry and departments not associated with the Ministry of coordination with representatives of ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry through held the monthly meeting  in the company to prove the needs of each ministry or department linked with cement material .

Equip the companies and private sector laboratories (which use the cement as a raw material in their production) directly from our company , and the rations determined according to the letters of the argument estimate issued by the Directorate General of Industrial development .

(Mixed sector) Equip the project owners of mixed sector with the cement according to the letters order issued by mixed sector companies and their laboratories directly by the required amount from them.

Citizens / Processing of the citizens of the provinces within the responsibility of our company (Baghdad – Diyala – Anbar – Kiarkuk) through agents who are selling cement in the provinces that have been nominated by the company in accordance with the authority vested in them where agents have been accredited and accredited to our company.