Quality Management

The Quality Management Department started functioning based on the statement of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals No. 36277 in 08/21/2002 and connected by three divisions:

  • Records Management Department
  • Department of Audit and Internal Audit
  • Department of measurement, analysis and improvement

Department Objectives

1 – Maintain the continuity of quality management system.
2 – Follow the application of the system, in the company’s headquarters departments and factories.

3 – Implementation of activities under the Quality Planning for this event, and according to the procedures and work instructions approved.

4 – Achieve the customer’s requirements and focus on their best satisfaction possible and explore their views through a form in order to maintain customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage of local and global.
5 – Continuous improvement of the quality of all activities and take the necessary measures to be implemented and reviewed.

The Department of Quality Management achievements

1 – Company’s headquarters and the Fallujah cement factory Obtained a certificate of quality from the Iraqi Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control under No. 4858 in their statement 17/6/2009 for three years.
2 – Our company got the first extension of the work (Iraqi quality certificate ) granted for a period of three years under the statement of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control No. 11242 of 15.10.2012 and it is valid until 06.06.2015.
3 – Obtaining the quality mark for Kirkuk Cement factory and approved by the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control according to their statement No. 11697 on 25/12/2011.
4 – Obtaining (Quality Mark ) for Fallujah Cement factory and approved by the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control on 9/2/2012 and this certificate valid for three years , this is the second factory which get this in Iraq after Kirkuk Cement Factory.
5 – Company headquarters for Iraqi Cement and Cement and both the cement factories in Kirkuk and Fallujah belonging to this company Obtain the ( international quality certification ISO9001: 2008) from BM-TRADA British -based international accreditation body of the British (UKAS) and valid up to 29.7.2015 .
6 – Obtaining (Quality Mark of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control for Al Qaim Cement Factory. under the statement No. 1065 02/10/2012 and this is the third factory from our company holds the brand after Fallujah and Kirkuk Cement factories.
7 – Winning the title of knight -quality company in the festival, which was held in the United Arab Emirates in the World Day of quality and accreditation as the best Arab company in the cement industry, and the company has the right to use a lifetime this quality Knight mark and use it in all print and broadcast media.
8 – Granting Mr. Director-General ( Nasser Idris Mahdi Al-Madani ) in his personal capacity the slogan of Knight quality.
9 – Granting the continuity of the validity of ISO9001: 2008 certification granted to the company by the company BM Trada – Middle East on 10/07/2012 with the statement. No. / 11/1436 on 11/11/2013.