Industrial Administration

It consists of (8) technical divisions haled all kinds of maintenance work at the company’s headquarters and monitor the production process at the company’s plants and all division by its own jurisdiction, as follows:

Division of Occupational Safety

This division dealing with all kinds of safety of all employees in their work environment, whether they are in the workshop or in the administrative offices.


Inspection Division Engineering

This division work on matching engineering specifications for all maintenance and rehabilitation, including electrostatic precipitates, as well as matching services and equipment to the required specifications.


Environment Division

The acting control pollutant emissions to the environment and the kinds that occur as a result of the production process and identified so that they are within the specifications approved environment.


Equipment Division

Follow-up work cars and vehicles in the company’s headquarters and laboratories and reporting basis.


Buildings Division

All civil work required maintenance or establishment of new buildings at the company’s headquarters and maintenance and preventive her.


Calibration Division

Follow-up and preparation of plans calibration laboratory devices and measuring devices of all kinds in the company’s headquarters and laboratories in cooperation with the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control.


Division of Electricity

The Electrical works with all types of maintenance, installation and repair in the company’s headquarters.


Division of air-conditioning

Acting on maintenance and repair of all heating and cooling systems at the company’s headquarters.