Research and Development

It consists of the following divisions:

1- Training.

2- Research and Studies.

3- Industrial System.s

The department aims through it’s duties to raise the level of performance of employees and increase production quality and quantity and keep up with scientific and technical development in the world, whether through training or communication with the research and studies that keep pace with the production process , as follows:

1- preparation of annual training curriculum and the use of the expertise accumulated with the employees and the company has in an integrated training center that is equipped with advanced training halls and modern computers.

2- Communication training with sister companies and Iraqi universities.

3- Courses commensurate with the requirements of the production process.

4- Overseeing the dispatch to outside the country.

5- Work on the preparation and follow-up completion of the annual research plan for the company to provide researches to solve the problems and obstacles that hinder the production process of company’s plants.

6- Hold all the requirements of annual tuition plan for employees of the company who are wishing to obtain licenses scholarships to get ( Higher diploma, Master, PHD). 

7- Follow the organization structure and rules of procedure of the company and it’s plants.