Quality Control

The Department of quality control at the company’s headquarters and laboratories is monitoring the quality of the product at each stage of production multiplexing from the beginning of Extract limestone from the quarries and ending with the cement mills by using samples and analysis and adjust the proportions of materials at every stage according to the specifications set out to ensure the matching of cement to the Iraqi standard No. 5 of 1984 and the quality control department uses the latest scientific instruments for various analytical methods listed below :-

  • X-ray analysis to analyze the samples and control rates of raw materials during the production stage
  • Chemical Analysis / the analysis of the chemical elements and components .
  • Examination Physicist / is the knowledge of softness and strength of cement concrete cubes for three to seven days, and the time of freezing.

pull models of the company for the purposes of quality assurance by the Division of quality control and examination of these models in a central laboratory.
Send quality report monthly to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / technical department includes laboratory tests compared with standard Iraq.
Withdraw monthly common model being tested in the laboratory of the Central Labs company plants to demonstrate the accuracy of the tests in the laboratory and the statement of matching the product to the approved specification.
Send monthly models to the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control purposes of quality assurance for the purpose of examination and issuance of certificate of inspection.