Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Directorate

Human resources are one of the key factors critical for the emergence of any organization. And the aims of human resources department in the Iraqi Cement state company are to provide appropriate and immediate service to the company’s employees, contractors, customers, as well as directing and employing human resources policies with conscious thought and active environment , and the logo of human resources management department in the Iraqi Cement state company is ((Provide outstanding service to all customers inside and outside the company)).

Duties of the Department of Human Resource Management

  • Issuing administrative orders in the company .
  • Prepare a budget of properties and the numbers of employees in the company .
  • Follow the movement of entry and exit of employees, monthly and annual basis (labor turnover) .
  • Continuous assessment of the performance of staff.
  • Providing appropriate services to employees in the company .
  • Follow up wages and salaries of employees .
  • Hold the deletion process and the development of degrees and job titles .
  • Monitoring Personnel issues.
  • Strengthen the relationship of staff within the organization.
  • Review the systems work on a regular basis, ensuring the safety of the applicable system.

The employees in the Iraqi Cement state company are the source of real power in the company through a community spirit , Which aims to chart the company achieve its goals within a framework of shared values and hard work and outstanding and the pursuit of better possibilities and capabilities and self-development of its members through training courses and research programs …. Which is done in collaboration with the Research & Development department in our company …. In addition to Employees participation in courses outside the company for knowledge of the latest developments in the reality of human resource management in other countries.