Central Maintenance

The Mechanical Workshop

Since 1970 the central mechanical workshop started manufacturing the spare parts for our cement factories ,such as ((R.S.P. cyclones Inner tubes , rolls , studs ,bolts, screws , brick retainers , all types of shafts , fans , cylindrical and conical tubes , cubical and cylindrical tanks …. etc ,as well as rehabilitation of the disposal machines parts .

•The main manufacturing methods are:

– Arc welding

– Lathing

– Shaping

– Drilling

– Plate bending and (natural gas +oxygen) motorized flame cutting.

•Materials used for manufacturing

– Carbon steel

– Stainless steel

– Structural steel

– Cast iron and brass.

– Pipes

– Shafts and bars with several cross section and plates up to 100 mm thick.

We believe with (ALLAH) and our abilities to reach targets 

The Workshop Of Rewinding Of Electrical Motors

The work at the workshop of rewinding of electrical motors started at The beginning of the eights of the last century.

The work at the workshop includes rehabilitation of the detective motor with law tension ( 380 volt) with different powers which ranges between (0.37 KW  250 KW ) rehabilitation was done to many electrical motors belong to plant of our company and the sister companies, as (The state Batteries company , Chemical industries state company , The state company for Tobacco and Cigarettes ….…)

The number of the motors rehabilitated for the general sector is (25%) of the annual workshop production.