The company is keen to keep up with progress in the field of information technology and to work on the development of systems, our companies was one of the early organizations introduced to computers in 1977 to regulate the administrative, financial, and the establishment of a specialized center with expertise in the field of computers to work on sustainability and development and training departments and laboratories to adopt the company’s advanced software in addition to its management:

  1. Installation of  PLC system in laboratories to monitor the production process in the laboratory by the company’s headquarters via www.
  2. Adoption of electronic archiving in keeping important documents and preserving the rights of its members files archive.
  3. Automated our management and finance System for recording and summarizing financial operations, storage and easy retrieval and document data associate, in addition to other systems.
  4. Automated application of rewards mechanisms and training sessions by qualified programmers.
  5. Setting up an internal computer network for all t department of the company.
  6. Installation of wired & wirelessly Internet to ensure rapid communication.
  7. Maintenance of computers and accessories in site and develop a plans to provide backup devices and tools to ensure the continuity of work.