Muthena Plantplant

Factory Name: Muthanna Cement Factory.

Location:  Muthanna.

Date of Incorporation: 1984.

Cost: 79649811.301 ID.

Company executing: KHD German.

Number of production lines: two.

Capacity: 1959000 tons of cement per year.

Method: the dry method.

Energy furnace design: 1920000 tons of cement per year.

Cement producer in conformity with the specifications of
the Iraqi No. 5/1984, plus the requirements of the Ministry
of Industry and Minerals.

Raw materials / quarries:
Stone quarries in the area Algdhary in Samawa.
Quarries in the dirt Alfedoha.

Types of products:
Outlets marketing its products:
Office of Marketing – the company’s headquarters
Marketing office Muthanna Cement Factory.